CAPDM Advisory Committees

CAPDM Advisory Committees

CAPDM Advisory Committees represent all key pharmacy and health care supply chain systems. Advisory Committees leverage a network of industry specialists that deliver subject matter expertise, influence policy and advance industry best practices. They are essential to sustaining the safe, secure and financially viable gold-standard supply chain that Canadians rely on every day.

For a listing of Advisory Committee Members, visit: Advisory Committee Members Page.


Regulatory Affairs Advisory Committee

Reviews proposed regulatory changes & provides guidance to Health Canada on policy and regulatory issues. Delivers feedback to Health Canada in support of the membership. Proposes changes to regulatory framework when necessary.

Ambient Advisory Committee

Examines regulatory impact to transportation of ambient products. Will deliver position paper on best practices.

Returns Advisory Committee

Develop Best Practice Paper outlining new returns processes, with a focus on unexpired Solid Oral Dosage Forms. (SODF)

Distribution Reimbursement Model Working Committee

Achieve a sustainable distributor reimbursement model with sub-committees targeting wholesale & specialty.

Hospital Demand Planning Task Force

The Hospital Demand Planning Task Force aims to advance efficiency and effectiveness in hospital demand planning to benefit the Canadian healthcare system and patients. Specifically, the Task Force aims to enable visibility on planned hospital demand and usage, inventory and replenishment, and a method of sharing between and among manufacturers, wholesalers, hospital GPOs and others.

Membership Committee

Addressing the growth and stability of the CAPDM membership base with the objective of leveraging the rich CAPDM membership network to attract new members as well as to ensure a desirable value proposition for the current membership.

Vault Strategy Task Force

To have the storage/distribution of narcotics or controlled substances for more than one license owner housed in the same vault or cage while ensuring regulatory and security compliance.

2D Barcoding Committee

The 2D Barcoding Advisory Committee works to inform and encourage marketplace alignment to GS1 Canada’s 2D Barcoding Adoption Roadmap, representing CAPDM member perspective to the wider marketplace. GS1 Canada is advancing the global movement for the adoption of 2D barcodes on pharmaceuticals, with patient safety, traceability and improvements to supply chain visibility as the strategic drivers.

Member Forum 2022

September 13, 2022


Boot Camp

November 22 - 23, 2022
Virtual Event


Executive Conference

January 9 - 10, 2023
Montreal Airport Marriott In-Terminal Hotel


Annual Conference

May 7 - 10, 2023
Sheraton Grand Nashville