April 1, 2020
Government of Canada

PMPRB Draft Guidelines Consultation

On July 1, 2020, the amended Patented Medicines Regulations will come into force. Changes to the PMPRB’s pricing Guidelines are necessary in order for the regulatory amendments to be implemented. On November 21, 2019, the PMPRB published a draft set of new Guidelines for consultation with stakeholders and the public.  Extensive feedback was received and all written submissions are now available on the PMPRB website.

The PMPRB will be making significant changes to the draft Guidelines in response to the feedback it has received.  At this time, the PMPRB intends to publish a revised draft set of Guidelines later this spring and will provide stakeholders and the public with a limited period of time in which to submit their views in writing prior to the Guidelines being finalized.

The PMPRB is monitoring the evolving situation regarding the Covid-19 virus in Canada very closely and will reassess whether the next steps it currently intends to take with respect to the revised set of draft Guidelines are appropriate and feasible closer to the date of their publication.

The PMPRB will continue to work with its stakeholders to ensure that a fully operational set of Guidelines is ready in time for the coming into force of the regulatory amendments.  In the meantime, patentees can rest assured that the final Guidelines will include transitional measures which will provide them ample time to take the necessary steps to come into voluntary compliance with the relevant price ceilings for both new and existing patented medicines.

February 6, 2020

CAPDM Submission to the PMPRB Draft Guidelines Consultation

On behalf of its members, the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Distribution Management (CAPDM) and as part of the consultations surrounding the PMPRB Draft Guidelines, submitted a review of the projected impact of the proposed reform on the pharmaceutical distribution sector.  It raised options, for PMPRB’s consideration, that would mitigate the unintended impact to CAPDM members and, more importantly, safeguard timely access to medications for Canadians, regardless of whether they live in remote or urban areas.
CAPDM Submission to the PMPRB Draft Guidelines Consultation

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