The Industry

Pharmaceutical Distributors – Driving A Vital Industry

It is an essential service. One that few ever think about because it is performed so well.

CAPDM’s members are called distributors. That’s just one aspect of their business. They are also coordinators, expediters, transporters, stewards, bankers, logisticians, and innovators.

Distributors get life-saving medicine and vital health care products to Canadians.

This involves packaging, picking up, sheltering, transporting and delivering medicines to over 11,000 pharmacies and hospitals, ensuring the right drugs go to the right place at the right time.

An inability to get pharmaceuticals causes great hardship. As a result distributors are obsessively efficient; and yet regularly sacrifice efficiency, transporting one bottle of pills to a remote pharmacy because somebody’s life is depending on it.

Distributors are also responsible for removing all recalls. This behind-the-scenes work requires painstaking care and attention, because getting it wrong could have dire consequences.

Industry Metrics – A Global Gold-Standard

  • Delivering over


    of all retail pharmaceuticals in Canada
  • 0+%

    accuracy in order fulfillment
  • Next Day

    or sooner deliveries to most pharmacies in Canada
  • Up to

    11 Deliveries/Week

    to pharmacies
  • Warehousing & shipping over


    different pharmaceutical products
  • Saving the Healthcare System over

    $1 Billion/Year

    Vs. manufacturer daily deliveries
  • Rigorously guarding the

    Security & Integrity

    of all products (narcotics, cold chain, etc.)
  • Playing a key role in managing

    Drug Shortages & Product Recalls

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