Just How Important are Pharmaceutical Distributors to the Health of Canadians?

Just How Important are Pharmaceutical Distributors to the Health of Canadians?

Pharmaceutical distributors are responsible for the safe and secure delivery of approximately 95% of all prescription drugs. They reach Canada’s 11,000+ pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

Distributors execute this essential day-in, day-out service with precision, security, and remarkable efficiency so that we can count on receiving the right drugs, in the right place, at the right time.

Governments, Patients, Manufacturers, and Pharmacies all benefit...


Distributors manage ultra-efficient Health Canada compliant distribution centres that protect patient safety while bringing transaction costs down. Distributors continually help mitigate drug shortages. It is estimated that the efficiencies delivered by distributors save Canada's health systems over $1 Billion annually. Read More

>700 Million:

Canadians will generate over 700 million prescriptions in 2020. Responsible for the delivery of approximately 95% of all prescription drugs, this means distributors will process nearly 400 million order lines safely and securely.


Patients count on receiving their medications when they need them regardless of where they live. They can trust the integrity of their medications as Canadian distributors are global leaders in pharmacy supply chain safety. Read More



Pharmacies may deal with the distributors of their choice and benefit from streamlined ordering. Frequent deliveries mean lower inventory requirements. Distributors extend generous credit terms to pharmacy owners. Read More


Manufacturers count on distributors to reach Canada's 11,000+ pharmacies, hospitals, and clinics. Distributors manage extensive inventories including narcotics, and volatile products. They balance 1000s of pricing portfolios. Read More

Representing the pharmacy supply chain in Canada, CAPDM and its pharmaceutical distributor members are essential to the delivery of healthcare in Canada.

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