CAPDM - 2017 Annual Conference Speakers

CAPDM - 2017 Annual Conference Speakers

Meet our 2017 Annual Conference Speakers:

Michael Brogan, President, QuintilesIMS

Armed with data and unique insights, Michael will examine key dynamics in the pharmaceutical marketplace and how they may impact the future. Michael will draw from the latest information he and his senior executive team leverage to lead the transformation of QintilesIMS into a broader health information services company that enables improved performance within the healthcare sector.  As a member of the Executive Leadership Team, Michael has a hand in guiding global strategy and execution.

Bill Dempster, CEO, 3Sixty Public Affairs Inc.

With Government Relations roles increasing within organizations Bill will share his expertise in helping your organization map and navigate through Canadian Federal, National and Provincial Health and Pharma Policy. As CEO of 3Sixty Public Affairs, Bill Dempster develops and implements high-impact government relations, policy and business strategies for the health and life sciences sector.  For over a decade, Bill has drawn on deep business, legal and government experience to find mutually beneficial solutions to complex regulatory, reimbursement and policy problems.

Perry Eisenschmid, CEO, Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA)

The Canadian pharmacy model is evolving as pharmacists’ scope of practice have advanced. Canadian pharmacy essentially operates within a broken health system that is not sustainable. Perry will examine the complexities, disruptions and opportunities for this critical leg of healthcare delivery that must be valued and compensated fairly for health outcomes and services delivered. A business leader with an impressive track record, Perry took the helm of CPhA in 2013. 

Linda Kaplan Thaler President, Kaplan Thaler Productions, Former Chair, Publicis Kaplan Thaler

Linda Kaplan Thaler suggests that we may overvalue native intelligence or natural talent. You will hear theories and insights from an advertising Hall of Famer and creator of some of America’ s most famous advertising campaigns as to why some individuals excel.

André Picard, Globe and Mail - Health Columnist

A highly respected health and public policy commentator, best seeling author and once recognized as the top health journalist in the Americas by Pan-American Health association, Mr. Paicard will delve into the future of Canada's healthcare system.


Barbara Pimental, VP Sales & Marketing, TARO PHARMACEUTICALS INC.

Barbara is the Canadian Commercial Lead for Taro Pharmaceuticals. Combining 20 years occupying executive roles in generic pharmaceuticals with her experience in the private payer sector, Barb will provide CAPDM delegates with insights into the unique opportunities that exist within the generic world.

Peter Saunders, Vice President, Government Relations, Sales and Marketing MariCann Inc.

 The medical and legalized recreational marijuana file is on everyone’s radar. A recent Deloitte study suggests the entire legalized market for marijuana could be worth more than $22 Billion to Canada’s economy. Peter brings three decades of rich and varied experience in the pharmaceutical and health-care industry to his senior role at a state-of-the-art medical cannabis growing operation. Peter will shed some light on the marijuana file as its future unfolds in Canada.

Martin Sawer, Executive Director, Healthcare Distribution Association (HDA UK)

A former UK government official and a highly recognized public affairs consultant, Martin will come equipped with a recently commissioned PWC study for HDA UK, to deliver insights into the distribution landscape in one of the EU’s most highly charged and competitive markets.The backbone of healthcare, HDA members distributeover 92% of the National Health System medicines across the four nations of the United Kingdom. HDA members face many challenges similar to those in Canada. You will gain insights into a robust marketplace.

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