CAPDM’s members drive manufacturers’ distribution requirements, safely, securely and efficiently.

Canadians will generate more than 700,000,000 million prescriptions in 2020. Whether the need is for basic aspirin or the latest in advanced biological medications, Canada’s Pharmaceutical Distributors efficiently support over 11,000 pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and healthcare providers nationwide to ensure that the right medicines reach patients when they need them regardless of where they live.

Working within and complying with Canada’s highly regulated healthcare system, distributors handle more than 35,000 individual lines of product, execute 100’s of millions individual transactions and make over 4,000,000 deliveries each year, with exacting precision at greater than 99.9% accuracy.

Through continued investment in people, technology and infrastructure, the dedicated professionals operating Canada’s distribution centres from coast to coast continue to proactively address industry issues, create new efficiencies, establish industry benchmarks and set higher standards. Canada’s collective pharmacy supply chain effectiveness is recognized globally as the gold standard.  

Supporting manufacturers by supporting retail pharmacy

By supporting the success of our mutual customers, retail pharmacy and pharmacy owners, pharmaceutical distributors also provide great operational efficiencies and benefits to manufacturers by providing:
  • credit lines, credit management;
  • inventory management, records and pricing management;
  • temperature management; cold chain;
  • security controls and a wide range of protective procedures for products in transit and in storage;
  • specialty product management;
  • regulatory compliance and reporting;
  • shipment consolidation; product returns, recall and destruction management;
  • integrated order management, same day/next day deliveries;
  • marketing and merchandising support;
  • call center support and other key services
All of these service and support options relieve manufactures of the cost burdens and logistical complexities required in today’s sensitive and highly regulated system of pharmacy distribution.

Pharmaceutical distributors continue to add value and efficiency to manufacturers and the supply chain while empowering the retail pharmacy owners and pharmacists to do what they do best - which is to provide exceptional healthcare to Canadians.

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